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Healthy Brands House for Your Family

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| Our Story

Organiczone was established in 2008 in order to provide the Israeli market with high-quality organic, natural, vegan-friendly products that are good for our body and our planet.

Sharona Romano Lazar founded the company when she was looking for alternative household products for her family. Sharona holds an MBA alongside 30 years of experience in high-ranking marketing and management positions in brands such as: New Pharm, Clinique, and Jack Kuba. She’s married with 3 daughters and has been a vegetarian and a green consumer since 1984.

| Community and Vision

Today in 2023, Organiczone is the leading supplier for organic, ecological non-food consumer goods in Israel.

Our vision has become a reality and our brands are reducing the ecological footprint by meeting the following criteria:

• Zero waste
• Organic ingredients
• Biodegradable disposables
• Recycled & recyclable packaging
• Made with renewable alternative energy sources
• Free from environmentally harmful substances

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| Our Products 

Our products can be found in over 600 health food stores, pharmacies and other sales points across the country, as well as online. Organiczone imports and distributes these 7 leading brands in Israel: Organyc, Cottony, Mooncup, BioBon ,If You Care, Green Flash, Inka.


ecoLove - our flagship brand sprouted in 2011 out of love for nature and the desire to create a fresh wholesome personal care experience.

All ecoLove products are manufactured in Israel according to the highest international standards and made with certified organic extracts, Dead Sea salts, and top quality natural ingredients.

Today, ecoLove products are sold in over 400 locations in the US, among them Whole Foods and Fresh Thyme, in addition to Amazon & iHERB and the brand is always open to additional exporting options.

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באנר ביזנס 500.jpg

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